Fer Rivero Interview

Fer Rivero

www.FerRivero.com | http://twitter.com/_fer_rivero

I am a Spanish Artist (Singer, Composer, Choreographer, Dancer…) studying in China while I’m creating my music album. I teach dance and I love it because is amazing see how people respect me as a Artist and share their experiences with me, I just try to improve my chinese for get close to them and give my best.

What do you see as the biggest changes in your industry?

The tools and the interest grows in a different way, China offer more to foreigners than some countries in Europe. Performances, opportunities, price… Every detail is better for Artists here. Even when we are doing our Visas for get inside, China offer you the possibility of cross the square ”Artist”
Clothes are amazing and easy to buy or get the materials fro create it, one song can reach thousand of people in seconds, the public love people who sing and really like when somebody fight for what they want, they don’t want to hear always the same, they want new and fresh people.

How will these changes impact the public?

Just the fact of leave your life and try to start a new one in China where each thing is completely different, learn the language and meet the culture is changing how I create my music, my inspirations are arriving with new experiences and the public can see that, can feel and hear those details that China is teaching me. Also not so many singers do that for their careers and people appreciate that.

What are your biggest goals?

I honestly don’t want to be famous, maybe be successful make it but what I really want is share my feelings with people, don’t care if it’s just 10 or 50.000 If they enjoy while I am on the stage then I will be happy. I want to give my best and learn in each performance or training I do, make China a great memory and part of my career as a singer.

Who and what do you need to reach your goals fast?

I need Sponsors, Agents and people who believe in my talent and my personality, in this Industry you need to have allies and I don’t like to perform in a small Club and of course the most important for a Artist, people who support me as Fans, Friends and Work Partners.

Who should contact you and why?

Great agents who want more than simply Singers for 1 or 2 songs, If they work for a full career artist here I am.
Good people who want to have my talent on their stages, who enjoy something different, who want to be part of my life.
People who love the feeling of trust in someone who fight for what he want.

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