Kunga Bhutia Interview

Kunga Bhutia

n/a | @karma_gunz21

I’m a lawyer by profession, but presently idle.

What do you see as the biggest changes in your industry?

Not relevant to me.

How will these changes impact the public?

What are your biggest goals?

I would like to see my fatherland ‘Tibet’ as an independent country like it was before the Chinese occupation. No doubt, its a de-facto country now but people are still Tibetan despite being stateless people. I know that a common Chinese would not agree to this because they have been brainwashed with all the ‘Mao’ philosophy of One-China and the things waters down to ‘Ching or Ming’ dynasty but that is that; its your history and not ours. We have never been same in physical features and custom, tradition whatever you name it and better yet, we have own history.

Who and what do you need to reach your goals fast?

Thankfully,because of Buddhism, we have not become arch enemies like Israel and Palestine. We still have love for our Chinese brothers and sisters. Its is just my sincere hope and prayer that Chinese citizens be just and honest in learning about Tibet and Tibetans history, not just your concocted self-contained history. Our situation is just like Native Indians in America and Tibetans are reduced to minority in their own land.
In a nut shell, what I’m trying to convey is to be a rational citizens and not succumbing yourself being brainwashed by your own misleading govt propaganda against us.

Who should contact you and why?

Anyone is welcome to contact me.

Thank you and do reshare my blog post in your Twitter and Facebook!

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