Marcus Goncalves Interview

Marcus Goncalves | @mv_goncalves

I’m an associate professor of management and chair of the international business program at Nichols College, in Dudley, MA, USA. I’m also the president of MGCG, an international management consulting firm providing services and advice to the manufacturing and operational industries, with presence around the world, including in Macau, China.

What do you see as the biggest changes in your industry?

Emerging markets, as well as frontier ones, are having a significant role in global geoeconomics, impacting every aspects of business development and expansion throughout the globe. Businesses of all sizes must be ready to think globally while acting locally.

How will these changes impact the public?

The public needs to be more aware of multiculturalism issues permeating products and services offered to them. They need to be aware of these emerging economies and how to benefit from it. Advanced economies are fighting to maintain their global hegemony, and the public must discern what is in it for them.

What are your biggest goals?

To continue to assit SMEs and large companies in the tighter integration of bilateral South-South trade, as well as help them develop better competitive advantages in the North-South bi-lateral trades throughout the globe, particularly Sino-African trade.

Who and what do you need to reach your goals fast?

I believe Sino-African trade is very important to lift Africa from its current economic distress while providing the world with its rich mineral resources and labor force. My hope is to be able to reach to police-makers and decision-makers in the continent so we can work together in fostering these goals.

Who should contact you and why?

African and Chinese policy-makers, decision-makers at leading SMEs and PABs, as not only I have been researching the topic for quite some time and can advise them on strategic paths for growth, but also because I have a track record with Fortune 1000 Co. such as International Paper, Pearl Energy, Sands Group, Microsoft, Goodyear, and more.

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