Making a Trade Show Exhibit Truss by the Manufacturer

You’ve seen those shiny bright new trade show exhibits. They are at any trade show or exposition you go to. They are like mini buildings in a mini city. How do you make a trade show booth?

  1. You need the convention center’s building standards and architecture blueprints.
  2. You need the convention center’s approved builder list.
  3. You get approval from the convention center to start building. (Normally requires paying the event organizer)
  4. You hire a trade show exhibit construction company that’s on the list.
  5. Get a list of designers they are comfortable working with.
  6. Select the gauge of the trade show truss you’re going to use.
  7. Approve designs and construction cost estimates.


Normally, a trade show exhibit costs about $300,000 to $700,000 USD for a two story booth made with 340mm truss on a 40m x 40m exhibit space.

If you don’t have that much money, you can always buy a used exhibit. Most companies only use their booths for a year. Such a waste.

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